Getting Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. ","code":23

Is there a any requirements to clear a pool or connection when using couchbase in NodeJS on Win 10 x64 or Win 2016 x 64 Server ? I have a script which retrieves data from website, then uses reg expr to parse and if successful write data in json to couchbase. All works fine till about we did 5000 records at which point i get the folowing error in my console.

{“Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout”,“code”:23}

If i go and and stop and restart process all works fine till we get around 5K . The only think i am doing is add Doc .
And its not the network as i run another 3 instances of script on same computer and they keep running just fine until they hit around 5k as well

Hey @makeawish,

Have you confirmed that the 5k operations you have dispatched have actually completed successfully? One of the most common reasons to receive this error is when you have dispatched operations quickly enough that the SDK is no longer able to keep up and begins to buffer them, causing them to timeout before they are even sent on the network.

Cheers, Brett