Getting 401 response when using Android 4.x


I’ve been testing Couchbase Lite using the Phonegap plugin and it works fine in Android 2.3 but not in Android 4.

I’m creating a database using the REST API and the first call returns a 401 Unauthorized. I’ve also tried to execute the TodoLite demo but it fails to launch in all the devices.

Do I have to setup something for Android 4?

Hello @joanroca,

I have tested Couchbase Lite using Phonegap plugin for Android 4.0+ along with the ToDo-Lite Demo and it launches on my Android 4.0+ devices.

Please report back if you have further issues otherwise marking this issue as resolved.

Thank you,


I’m experiencing the same issue, 401 error with cordova android. Can you help me resolve this problem?

FYI, see the other thread linked to above for the resolution of this issue.