GetJson stops retrieving docuements

@jesuson -

You are probably experiencing port exhaustion - your simply using more ephemeral ports than your OS is configured to support. You can try changing the following registry settings:

  1. Increasing the MaxUserPort setting from 5k to 65k
  2. Decreasing the TcpTimeWaitDelay setting from 240 to something lower than the default

The first one increases the number of temporary (ephemeral) ports that outgoing connections can use; the second decreases the amount of the time the socket is in TIME_WAIT when it is closed. You can read more about this here (ignore the bizspark bit):

Also, whenever I see this, I wonder about how many client instances are opening and if you are caching them appropriately. In general, you should create a single client instance per bucket when the application starts (Application_Start) and close that connection via Dispose when the application shuts down (Application_End). You might want to check to make sure your not creating and destroying lots of client objects.