getBulk- Links withing a document to other documents(has-many)

Say I have a primary document which consists of Player information and i have interlinked another document(Player abilities). Now, I want to retrieve player abilities document using the player(document). I planned to use Multi-get(getBulk) in java.

But it retrieves only the parent(player) document and not the player_ab01 document.Any one implemented in java with this method(getBulk) ??




As you can see from the documentation the getBulk() method takes a list of keys as parameters.

The client will get all the document/values associated with these keys.

The getBulk operation does not do anything with the JSON content that has the list of linked items. This is why you have to extract the list of keys from the JSON documents and do the getBulk() on this list.

Is it clear?


Thank you for your reply. Now i got clear idea about multi-get ie…
I have to make two calls, first read call to get the primary document and from that second call(getBulk) using the keys i got from primary document.

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louis vuitton borse prezzi So a resource box is more or less an all in one using the idea to educate yourself regarding ask: Where has been doing dollars major German company areas out back and forth from. As if that weren’t bad enough, the company actually set up a factory whose sole dedication was to produce artifacts venerating Petain and his government… The Europeans have been doing it for centuries.
louis vuitton borse prezzi Designer Hermes handbags are a fantastic accompanier whenever you take a trip around with them. Keita plans for the first time to sing with a purely acoustic accompaniment. these two bags will definitely add much glamour and nifty to your wardrobe.
louis vuitton borse prezzi Svaasimaa. Major movies would sometimes get in excess of the 2 designs. Hermes has shown double-digit revenue increases year-on-year, and there seems to be no place to go but up.
borsa louis vuitton prezzo Her other items were as bubbly and as youthful as her personality. Formal shoes for men are the most admired fashion pick that brings out gentleman side of a man. You’re probably a great deal more familiar leaving an Individual Retirement Account,or perhaps IRA and then for short Just a minumum of one having to do with going to be the many methods you can find,all your family members really does continue to use an IRA to learn more about save and invest money site in order to during your old age A solution for additional details on simplify the making regarding via shawls by hoda toward employees’ retirement years an SEP plan could be the an all in one great resource as well as employers Contributions may be the case paul led for more information regarding the IRA specifically.
woolrich prezzo High heel shoes develop a ladies legs search a bit longer. And predictably, they are great: Sharp and avant-garde with a able abject in accepted appearance and design, which is absolutely the anatomy of amount that developed men go for on the top end accumulation marketplace. The Europeans have been doing it for centuries.

?outlet-1.html]woolrich outlet verona The name Hermes alone signifies luxury, style and elegance. It’s caused various appearances to the finished products with high standards of quality along with a high a higher level professionalism. Because of this fact, there are a lot of retailers offering replica collection handbags of the real thing. prezzi borse louis vuitton It’s Celine that can offer people such luxurious emotion. Beyonce are you fortunate enough lovely women. San Francisco! CA 12/28/2011 There is no mistaking that LV is a luxury store. louis vuitton borse prezzi It is deemed an environment friendly go camping where one can see the pests but you will also precisely have a rest. Barbados. The LV initials are also used quite often for other accessories. louis vuitton borse prezzi These are constantly for the significant bulletin to enable them to incorporate the fashion culture that lead by People from france lv viaggiare per uomo utah in Europe. Many of these counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags are so convincing, they easily fool the average consumer. A wardrobe that is dark and white may contrast a Hermes handbag with red-colored color. woolrich giubbotti It cost about 800… Four Bizjet execs indicted, two plead guilty Job: Compliance Business Development Sales Consultant China Corruption Blotter (April 5, 2013) Lewis given time served for Kozeny conspiracy The SUSPEND Act Part III: Scalpel, not Sledgehammer Zimbabwe anti-graft commission under attack China bribery database sees heavy use, prompting tighter rules The SUSPEND Act Part II: Panacea or Problem? The University of Richmond Free Online Anti-Bribery Research Guide Global Contagion Report: SNC-Lavalin The Corporate Investigations List (April 2013) The SUSPEND Act Part I: ‘Fraudsters, Criminals, or Tax Cheats’ Bank whistleblower threatens European pols Enforcement Report for Q1 '13 Browder pushes Europe for wider Magnitsky sanctions lakida blog Just largely because unique individuals to purchase from the experienced hand-Louis Vuitton handbags… costo woolrich parka However, most of the educational and testing services have a basic collection of idioms which they want to test or expect you to know. louis vuitton official website ELOXATIN could be the given leaving 2 some other chemotherapy pain killers leucovorin and 5-FU Fortunately Silverado headlights are as much in the way and demand as going to be the Silverado auto transport diy This tool can harvest the file plus have an effect on for more information about going to be the quantity data length and girth,thereby reducing going to be the overall circumference and length"After triumph completion having to do with going to be the scanning procedure all the way through Chkdsk tool,all your family can just do not access details and directories back and forth from Windows hard automobile travel This measures about inches,all of these might it seems to me give lots of money sleeping quarters also your youngster should be essentials and more However, if you remain adamant and ignorant about wind power that is exactly what is going to happen to you.

costo woolrich parka Gaiter Matthew additionally presents Hermes Birkins with diamond covered hardware as well as those made with rare Himalaya crocodile skin… Police officers are not able to end counterfeiters from marketing their goods as long as buyers continue to provide a industry for them. Se trata del aprovechamiento de la reputacin de una marca registrada para conseguir que los usuarios de un buscador sean encaminados al sitio web del anunciante, donde se ofrecen productos falsificados que infringen la propiedad industrial del titular de la marca.
penn rich woolrich Those people had been exhibited in unheard of variations. Also, the zippers have to be durable and firm. Why females are so obsessed with style bags? Specifically ones with huge fancy brands like Chanel, Gucci or Hermes.
woolrich parka donna We have no idea to refuse the celine trapeze pebble leather sale online, at least in 2011. If the seams are uneven or the monogram is the slightest bit off, it’s a fake. Hermes does not offer their bags online, but only through their boutiques.
louis vuitton borse prezzi Recycled leather Louis Vuitton Bags. In about a week or so he could call to let you know that he is off all medications and performing great. Many of these goods are noticed on - line.
louis vuitton borse prezzi The future travel tote is indispensable to a good friend of the people. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site. Even for people who presently individual a house theater system, these opinions can be able to produce further details on how you can enhance their present house theater technique…
louis vuitton borse prezzi We so glad the person in charge at Pearson Murphy Nick, the awesome coffee guy, was happy to let us shoot both indoors and outdoors (although we did most of our shooting outdoors) as the lighting is great. Prepare to suspend your disbelief when watching Celine And Julie Go Boating, for the fantastical plotting has an Alice in Wonderland-style strangeness, with its two eponymous heroines gaining access to the ghostly goings-on at a mysterious Parisian mansion… Je trouvais a trs touchant de voir une femme qui devait tre froide et austre se faire influence par la chaleur de la passion et finir par casser.
louis vuitton borse prezzi For one thing, there was tittle-tattle that UGG was the Australian slang for “ugly”. Once home to the hard-living Rat Pack of the 1950s, the city has cleaned up its act to the point of sterility. A side note: Vichy France or the Vichy regime are terms used to denote the period from July 1940 to August 1944 in which the current government of the time, led by Petain, willfully collaborated with the Germans and their occupation of France, sending many innocent people to their deaths.
woolrich giubbotti It is hard to find this Nike Air Max 97 condition. Batty may work for Celine Cabas Bags (although the open-toed, rose-appliqu cowboy boots that match the bag at the top left have been just as much of a dud), but a handbag is carried closer to the line of sight and out in front of the body, so less outrageous styles tend to prevail. I think if I can win 1-2 slam words, I was completely have the opportunity to do it, and now I and nadal and djokovic is very close to the antagonism between actually, I need to do is to further down my form…

louis vuitton borse prezzi B. To be taken with a pinch of salt and parental permission is advised. Or not really near by. louis vuitton borse prezzi They’ve they’ve had some trouble in their lives and our music – been helping damned good she worked to go through. Dion or her husband make any special demands or requests of the hospital. It used to be that boy met girl and they exchanged phone numbers. prezzi borse louis vuitton Celine is showing a 1960’s and 1970’s inspired line for resort 2011 which includes simple clutches and warm weather totes that are perfect for a mid-winter get-a-way to a warmer climate. Thanks to the bag, named after British television personality Alexa Chung, the British luxury brand Mulberry has become the world best-performing fashion retail stock. Prints taken early from a plate or woodblock are a lot more precise and detailed in lines than later impressions. borsa louis vuitton prezzo Would you want to be bold, going in-depth and scrutinizing every piece of whys and hows in his life that you feel you can try interviewing him without hesitation? With this type of aim, you must be ready too. This is a person of the oldest form of angling lures… Camelina has very long been grown in Europe for 1000’s of a long time for cooking oil. prezzo woolrich There are several causitive factors of the producing vogue. Dust 11 is rated as one of the sector’s finest scores for hoover bag filtering. For when you too lazy to get a pedicure… giaccone woolrich You are able to steer about within complete alleviate in conjunction with thisCeline tote pricesmade using plastic lean including a beautiful braided freezer. They have in no way been so sought-soon after by girl. Anybody who loves Hermes may have handbag choices this year…

prezzi borse louis vuitton Around the globe fresh trend styles are receiving created from the trend lovers which rely on seeking excellent simply by taking on their own strategies and also techniques. 1) Be the “18th man” - The winner will get the chance to be the 18th man aboard one of the race boats and sail with a Louis Vuitton Pacific Series crew during one of the races of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. Special assortment will probably get hallmark initialed or monogrammed canvas nonetheless it s remain contrasting when it comes to designs along with some other types of designs put in place .
woolrich prezzo The quality is compromised a little as compared to the original Hermes case, however. Perfume is among the most personal gifts you can give. Springtime Backyard offers a similar design since the Springtime Yard Area in the traditional online game.
woolrich prezzo Isabel Marant high-top sneakers: various shades and textured-leather, hidden tossing throwing pitching wedge great assistance rear foot, assistance set oral cavity and decreases, amazing details, pierced panel at circular toe, big nasty legs. Blue Valentine . Are usually a shorter, Savings along with back pack-Volume legend on occasion and it necessitates, Inexplicably in an lp.
prezzi woolrich Always make sure that the year of manufacture lines up with the history and condition of the handbag. A shapely Louis Vuitton bag in Monogram Canvas such as the Galliera or the Artsy adds a touch of opulence and chic to even the most conservative outfit… Niue.
louis vuitton prezzi Many of the settlers in the town were of German heritage. Most of the time a suede shoe will look too casual to wear with a formal gown, but it may look great with a suit for the office… There are plenty of Louis Vuitton outlets all over the world, where you can purchase different kinds of Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunglasses,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses according to your needs and requirements that would reflect your personality and taste.
borsa louis vuitton prezzo This Louis Vuitton purse goes for $975, well-worth every penny louis vuitton bags on sale . El color brillante de Louis Vuitton carteras no pueden cubrir el profundo sentimiento de maduro y estable. madison hobos hey do the whole lot they will to make a high quality product every time…
prezzi borse louis vuitton Criminal offense syndicates around the world use counterfeiting as a funds cow to account perspiration outlets, child labour, individuals trafficking, LV Girls Louis Vuitton Shoes For Men Wallet team activity and terrorism. The songs are inspired, the assembly is artlessly outstanding, and Celine Dion is acutely in top form. his chart indicates that Celine Couderc is a brave person by nature, meaning thereby that Celine Couderc is bold and risk taking.
louis vuitton prezzi If you occur to discover your do it yourself in Italy, there is primarily a industry area in which they market genuine timeless Gucci handbags, at acceptable prices. You will never take her to France. Many types of its purses are made with native american american native indians design and pelt…

<a href=>sac a main vuitton en solde Pakistan. 1 of your largest revisions is its entrance grille; it sports activities a distinct mesh grille which offers it a extra aggressive and sportier glimpse. Hermes Purses originate from Paris which is a person of the style acutely aware cities of the planet. woolrich sito ufficiale Each one of these bags involve steel hardwares plated by means of silver and also american platinum eagle. Louis vuitton shoes outlet You’ll be able to uncover quilted, Taken care of accessories in addition to a cotton blanket, Made by hand purses for the plan. Ross not only got the star-studded crowd to join in, but thanks to the wonderful wizards in the control room, she was able to lead audiences in Tokyo, Sydney and London in a worldwide sing-along… louis vuitton prezzi The brilliant shoe is a combination of the new Nike Vunk Dunk plus the Air Max 95. They ride in silence until their escape. IACC analysis has revealed that this counterfeiting trade in US is causing a decrease of revenue amounting to over $200 million 12 months to the exchequer because they do not pay the Licensing fee and also the taxes. <a href=>solde sac vuitton Ruckscke sind oft ein Ersatz fr einen traditionellen Handtasche, obwohl manche wrden sagen, sie sind nicht Louis Vuitton Ruckscke sind so konzipiert, dass Sie schwere Gegenstnde zu tragen und haben das Gewicht gleichmig auf die Schultern verteilt Im Gegensatz Louis Vuitton In den letzten Jahren die Mglichkeiten erhht haben seit mehr Designer stilvolle und praktische Taschen erstellt haben. Samoa. The design of zipped closure adds security to your precious stuff in the bag. louis vuitton borse prezzi Theres always someone richer. But then I remember this woman can’t please anyone; something’s wrong either way. If you want to buy an original Louis Vuitton, your best bet is to buy them directly from one of the outlets over the world. louis vuitton prezzi Exactly where the girl moves either for organization or even individual trips you be able to only trust artist handbags through eurohandbags. Sent Vinsentas ir Grenadinai. While this design doesn’t have the ardent and ravenous following of the Hermes Birkin or Kelly, I think we can all agree that its lines are elegant in a way that only Hermes can pull off.