Get current logged in user name

Is it possible to get current logged in user name using couchbase lite REST API?

can you elaborate your requirement ? If a user logs into your app, wouldn’t you know the currently logged in user name?

I use OpenId Connect to authorization with “register”:true. Sync gateway creates username using “issuer” and userId. For example localhost%3APORT%2Endpoint_UserID. This is a little bit confused.
I need to know which user create/update my documents, so I want add username to document.If I add only UserID , I may have a problem with channels (user sees only the documents that he created).

What platforms are you using for Couchbase Lite? If you must know the username of the current user, have you considered implementing the implicit flow instead ?
This forum post may also be relevant to you - CBL database name
Also, if you can elaborate a bit more on what you want to accomplish, we could see if we can do it with just the user Id

I create app in ionic cordova and using REST API for Couchbase Lite. I using also implicit flow.

            "oidc": { "default_provider": "keycloak",
            "providers": {
                "keycloak": {
                    "signing_method": "implicit",
                    "register": true

UserID in keycloak and couchbase user name are different.
keycloak: user1
couchbase: localhost%3A2524%2auth%2realms%2master_user1

I want to accomplish simple thing: user can create document like this:

“user_name”: "user1"
“otherImportantInfo” :“other important info”

And user has own channel:

function sync(doc, oldDoc) {
access(doc.user_name, doc._id);

The difference in UserId causes problems. If I use keycloak userId in doc, the requireUser is not recognized. If I want to use couchbase user name, I don’t know how to get it.