GeoSpatial searches in Couchbase Lite

… unfortunately, this seems not to have made it to version 2.6 just released… :confounded:

It looks like you’ve found a good workaround here: Geo search on mobile

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Well, yes - a workaround. But it still leaves a few things for my code to do subsequently (calculating distance and sort on that). Good thing is that it seem relatively fast - at least with the few small samples I have tried yet.

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Sounds like you have the makings of an interesting, useful blog post! Maybe you could write something up and share it on hackernoon, devto, or your own personal site?

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Geo-queries aren’t on our current development roadmap. I’m told that there doesn’t seem to be enough customer demand for them.

I’m curious why not? I know you may not be able to answer that, though…

One of the major facilities of a mobile is that it knows where you are… - and thus many interesting use cases where you would need to search for something related to a position…

I agree! I’m also confused why there haven’t been more requests for geo-queries.

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