General question about GeoCouch and spatial queries

  1. Is GeoCouch still ‘experimental’? If so, I’m interested to know what the future holds for it.
  2. Which SDKs support spatial queries? I noticed it was document in the Java SDK v2. I’m interested in Python at the moment but could also be convinced to use something else.
  3. I’m also interested multidimensional queries, such as spatial + time. I believe I read somewhere that it isn’t supported yet.



Hi @bdiegel,

  1. yes, support for spatial views is currently still experimental, but will go stable in the next larger release that is going to come this year.

Once we officially support it, all SDKs will also have support for it. Note that the Java SDK 1.* had support for the 2.0 series, but it changed in the 3.0 series to make it more flexible. The 2.1 SDK will have full spatial support in the way it will be in the future.

Technically you will be able to use spatial views from 3.0.2 on, but there it is still experimental. If you are curious, you can compile the current java client master on your own and then run it against a 3.0.2 server for testing.

  1. Once spatial is official, all official SDKs will have support for it.

  2. Actually, technically this will be supported in the new implementation. It works great, I already tried it :wink: