Gat not available over socket/telnet

Our client using couchbase was written using a socket implementation with the telnet-like commands passed directly. Eventually we’d like to port the existing code to use the C# API but this is not on our priority list right now.
It seems that the get-and-touch (gat) operation is not available with the socket commands. Is this something that is easily fixable and that could be addressed in an upcoming release or is the socket protocol bound to be deprecated over the long term?
Many thanks for your help!


I have not looked in detail to the protocol - but I am sure it is exposed -, since you are talking about C#, and you do not find the getAndTouch() operation in C#.

This operation getAndTouch is available in C# usin the simple get, just need to send an expiration.

See :
var val = client.Get(“beer”, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(5));

“Calling the Get() method with a key and a new expiration value will cause get and touch operations to be performed.”

Let me know if I am not understanding your question correctly.