FTS NOT matching on plurals or other characters

I have a field with the value:

“app_name”: “flowers”

if I search for “flower” I don’t get any result. If I add the “s” at the end I get the correct result.

Also, I have a similar situation:

“app_name”: “bloom:”

this one is not returned as a result not even if I use the exact string. I suspect is the presence of “:” in the name.

So, the question, is it possible to query these without defining the fuzziness: 1?

If you want “flower” to match “flowers”, and “bloom:” to be reduced to “bloom”, I recommend using the “en” (english) analyzer for the field.

The “en” analyzer will tokenize your text into root words as defined by the english language. Feel free to test your analyzer output here …

Oh, cool, didn’t know about this tool

In regard with bloom.

in the db I have “bloom:” and I would like to find it if I search for “bloom”, but ideal would be to use the same analyzer to alos work with flowers when I search for flower. The reason I prefer to have the same analyzer is that I don’t know when to use an annalyzer or other analyzer based on the search string

The “en” analyzer will index “bloom:” as “bloom”, so if you use match queries while searching, both queries and the index will use the same analyzer for analysis.

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