FTS index with multiple fields

Hi All,
In FTS lets say a index is created with name “test_index” and I added 3 fields to the index lets says x,y and z.
When index is created by FTS does it create 3 separate indexes behind the scenes or it is creating only 1 index combining all 3 fields?

So when we conjunct queries do we need to bother about the order of queries as x based query first ,y based query next ?

In general compound indexing there is a rule if index is having (x,y,z) fields only , viable search criterias are (x,y,z) (x,y) or x only.You cant search (y,z or z only or y only).

Does this rule apply to FTS as well?Or simply if you define multiple fields in FTS index can you search by any arbitrary field,arbitrary combination without considering the order of presence?

Hi @iisuru,

FTS uses an inverted index for storing the indexed data and hence the order/count of query clauses doesn’t matter here.
You can create an index with any number of fields and search queries in any arbitrary field/(s), random combinations without considering the order of presentation in the index.


Thanks @sreeks for the clear explanation.