FTS Index questions

Enterprise 6.5.

We have a couple of indexes. How can I view each’s size individually? The UI seems only to display a single value for the server. (Total Disk Used).

What is the meaning of the ‘doc count’ statistic for the FTS? It seems to match the count for all the docs in the bucket rather than only the docs with type=‘the field mapping defined in the index’

I’m trying to get a hold on the size footprint for various configurations but can’t makes heads or tails out of this information.

Please help.

You will be able to get certain important stats for each FTS index you have in your system with this endpoint …

curl http://<username>:<password>@<ip>:8094/api/nsstats

Look for this entry to find out what the disk footprint of your index is …


You should also find the same statistic on the UI in the " Full Text Search Stats: <index_name>" section within bucket statistics.

doc count” from the “Full Text Search” page on the UI is (as advertised in the tooltip): Number of documents examined from within the source bucket before filtering out based on your index definition. This count will match up the count of items in the source bucket. Note that this doesn’t reflect the items that were actually indexed though.