FTS index: length of the field's name in type mapping

Is there any length’s constraint of the field name for a type mapping:
In the picture there is 1 field defined “description”. So this name how much longer it can be ?
I have a very strange case when 23 characters field lets say “description111111111111” - is not searchable , all other fields are searchable fine, just this one is not…
I am using Couchbase server 6.0.


Hey @bertynat, that’s interesting. I tried the exact the same thing (on the latest release - 6.5 beta, and with 6.0.4) and it works fine both with upside_down/moss index and the scorch index. I don’t remember we making any changes to the field name length between 6.0.0 and 6.0.4.
What’s the exact release you are on and is your index type “Scorch”?