FTS index creation with analysers using REST API

Hi All,

I want to create a FTS index using REST api as below.

  • FTS index with type,typemapping with a custom analyser

  • Define a custom analyser with unicode tokens and to_lower token filter

Can I perform all of the above steps using Rest API?If so point me to reference Url?
Or else Do we need to manually create cusom analysers in the UI ?


Yes, there is an endpoint for creating FTS indexes with all the details.

Custom analysers, you may need to create over the UI.
But in this case, your custom analyser requirement is already available as a prebuilt one.

Go over that analyser link shared in the previous (https://docs.couchbase.com/server/6.0/fts/fts-using-analyzers.html) and try to figure it out.
If you aren’t able to figure it out even after that, may be its a pointer to improve our documentation.
( I shall post the response after a while)


According to this url 's rest api section there is a direct example to create index for fts.

It seems passing ‘simple’ to the analyser should satisfy my case which is (unicode tokenizer+to_lower)filter.

However it seems there is no rest api to create a custom analyser with arbitary filters ,tokenisers etc.
We have to create analyser from console in those specific cases and use rest api to bind the analyser to the fts.


thats right. Simple is the one. :100: