FTS index and multipolygon retreiving

Hi ,

I have somme difficulties to extract multipolygon with fts index , here is my data structure and how is paramatrized the index (only way i found to retreive values is to setup geopoint type for multipolygon coordinates array.)


When a request in done on the index , the array is flattened and polygons informations seems merged in one unique array (at least “coordinates” should be an array of arrays of geopoints).

My question is : how could i get these informations with keeping structure ordering (multiples arrays) with FTS ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi @sebastien_roman ,

FTS not yet support any polygon indexing capabilities. It can only index geo points as of today.
Can you please give a glimpse of your requirements here, as that would help us in supporting this for future releases?


Hi @sreeks

My FTS index contains also geocoded centers of polygons in another data structure not displayed in screenshots.
Then , my goal is to extract huge data faster with FTS (than classical N1QL queries with bucket indexes) but i also need multipolygon coordinates for display (Other data from features are ok except nested arrays …)
Is there a way to do that ? or combine FTS with N1QL queries (on community version) ?

Thanks !