FTS does not perform pattern matching

I am using Couchbase Lite 3.0.2 version, ASP .Net Core 6

I have the below query and FTS index. But am getting extact match instead of all the words having the searchString.

var indexFields = new string { “OrderNUmber”, “Category” };
_couchbaseRepository.CreateFTSIndex(“FTSIndex”, indexFields);

        var queryStr = "SELECT * FROM buck" +
                       "WHERE type='doc' AND ownerId = '" + id.ToString() + "' " +
                       "AND MATCH(FTSIndex, \"*" + searchString + "*\") " +
                       "ORDER BY OrderNumber";

I tested

db.CreateIndex("sentence", IndexBuilder.FullTextIndex(FullTextIndexItem.Property("sentence")));
var q = db.CreateQuery("SELECT _id FROM _ WHERE MATCH(sentence, 'searchStr1 searchStr2 searchStr3')")

and I have no problem of getting

"xxxxx searchStr2 xxxxxxxxx searchStr1 xxxxxx searchStr3"

as one of returned searched result.

Couchbase Lite FTS is based on SQLite’s FTS. Here is the document about what you can use in the query text : SQLite FTS3 and FTS4 Extensions.

” will work in FTS. You can only do prefix search with “*”. So means that you are searching the text that has * prefix.

@pasin @Sandy_Chuang Thank you so much.