For one-directional XDCR, what if documents are updated or deleted on the "slave" cluster?

I have one-direction XDCR from a master to slave cluster. This is intended to be part of a migration to a new host.

I deleted a document on the slave cluster and I expected it to appear again when it was next updated on the master cluster, but it wasn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any way I can get the document back, as it’s now invisible to the XDCR process. This also happens when I update a document in the slave cluster.

When I recreated the deleted document to be identical to the one on the master cluster, updates on master no longer replicate to the slave.

Is there something I’m missing? Will bi-directional XDCR solve the issue?

Hi dtait,

Yes,bi-directional XDCR will provide you with the results you are expecting. With uni-directional, only changes on the master will be replicated to the slave.