Finding folks at Couchbase Connect '16

In addition to the official sessions and the Birds of a Feather sessions at lunch, many of the devs at Couchbase want to meet up with anyone who has feedback or wants to get help with some of the finer points of developing with Couchbase!

To reach out, please either

Folks to look up…
Java: Michael Nitschinger (@daschl), Sergey Avseyev (@avsej), Subhashni Balakrishnan (@subhashni)
.NET: Jeff Morris (@jmorris), Mike Goldsmith (@MikeGoldsmith)
Node.js: Brett Lawson (@brett19), Mark Nunberg (@mnunberg)
PHP: Sergey Avseyev (@avsej), Brett Lawson (@brett19)
Python: Mark Nunberg (@mnunberg), Sergey Avseyev (@avsej)
Go: Brett Lawson (@brett19), Mark Nunberg (@mnunberg)
libcouchbase ©: Mark Nunberg (@mnunberg), Sergey Avseyev (@avsej)

Among many other contributors and community leaders like Brant Burnett (@btburnett3), Matthew Groves (@matthew.groves), Laura Czajkowski (@czajkowski).