Filtered replication that is not based on users?


I am trying out Couchbase Lite (swift, IOS), Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server.

I would like to be able to synchronise only a set of the Documents from the Couchbase server. From my understanding a very good way to do this is using channels. But it seems that channels requires users.

I would like to have an application that is replicating based on “channels” or filters connected to the device.

So if the user is logged in on an iphone and on an ipad, it should work to alter the filtering so that different set of data is synchronised to the different devices. It should not be the same channels. I do understand that you can filter on a set of documents ID but I would like it to be a custom tag, just like channels.

Is this possible or what alternatives (workarounds) are there?

@geoyil, right now you can use channels and filter replication by document ids. We are having new release coming up(before summer) which you can filter replication with custom tag.

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@sridevi.saragadam Thank you for the answer. Is this confirmed? Can we read somewhere about upcoming changes or where is this information from?

Also, will this be implemented in such a way that client can change filter programatically?

Thanks in advance!

As Sridevi indicated , advanced filtering is planned for an upcoming release , details of which will be available when we go GA.

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