Fatal Error : Generic network failure

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException’ with message ‘Failed to get a value from server: Generic network failure. Enable detailed error codes (via LCB_CNTL_DETAILED_ERRCODES, or via detailed_errcodes in the connection string) and/or enable logging to get more information’

Getting this error while running below code. Cannot fix this problem.

$handle = new Couchbase(‘localhost’, ‘qhdev’, ‘qhdev’, ‘qhdev’); all are valid params.

$result = $handle->get(‘player_10’); throws error as aboe.

Any solution?

what is the version of the extension?


this is my couchbase configuration from php.ini

couchbase support enabled
version 1.2.0
libcouchbase version 2.7.4
json support yes
fastlz support yes
zlib support yes
igbinary support no

Directive Local Value Master Value
couchbase.compression_factor 1.3 1.3
couchbase.compression_threshold 2000 2000
couchbase.compressor none none
couchbase.config_cache no value no value
couchbase.durability_default_poll_interval 100000 100000
couchbase.durability_default_timeout 40000000 40000000
couchbase.instance.persistent On On
couchbase.restflush On On
couchbase.serializer php php
couchbase.skip_config_errors_on_connect Off Off
couchbase.view_timeout 75 75