False Disk Full Warning?

I keep getting the “Approaching full disk warning”, but when checking the CB web console and the actual node itself I see plenty of space left on that volume.

Is this a false message, or is there really something I should be concerned about?

Hi @andy1,

What OS are you using (a Linux distro, it looks like)? What version of Couchbase Server are you using? Do you see this error every time you use the Couchbase Console? Can you post error logs?



Hello @matthew.groves
I’m using CB 4.1.0-5005 on an Amazon AWS linux box.

I think I found the issue though. One of my nodes was approaching disk full, just not one of the nodes reported by the warning message. In fact it was the node I normally use to access the CB Web Console.

I occasionally run adhoc queries with a full production set through the console on that node, and I’m wondering if maybe that is what caused that node to be utilizing much more data that the other nodes in the cluster (which have evenly distributed data).

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Interesting. If you’re using N1QL for your adhoc queries, then you may want to followup in the N1QL forum. Is the query service on every node, or just that one node? If the query service is on all nodes, have you created indexes one just one node, or on all nodes?

No I was just running Map/Reduce functions from the console and doing view queries. Currently all nodes run the query service. Since I’m running the community version right now, I cannot make a node that is exclusively query service.

i have the seam problem
i have 2 nodes in AWS , I cheked the status of HD and i have 50% free space in both servers
i am using linux distribution
i have only index service in one node
some times the warning say 99% and many minutes before node down :frowning:

Any response about that bug?!
This is looks critical!
Please tell us why is happening??
What are the steps to fix it??

@EduardoCamargo , did you success to fix it?
@matthew.groves, any response about that?

This is also happens to me:

Hi @roycouch,

Looks like this has been fixed (according to the other thread): I get strange alert of "full disk warning"

One thing I should note is that when there is an alert for “approaching full disk”, those alerts will stay in the system for a while, even if you’ve freed up space in the meantime. So it’s always good to double check, because the alert could be old.

How do you clear the alert, I’m using 5.1.1 Community