Failover during node's downtime


I’m using Couchbase 6.5.1
in 1 cluster I have 8 node (3 data, 3 index, 2 query)
I have 1 bucket contains 1 bio data.

If I plan to patch my server and have 1 hour downtime for each data node, then the step is :

  1. Failover node ( graceful or hard? )
  2. stop my node server, do the patch, restart
  3. add back server with full recovery
  4. rebalance

Is that the right step?
Is there better approach if I have big data? ( rebalance will take more time based on mt experience)

@Han_Chris1 , you should be able to use Graceful Failover followed by patching and then Delta Recovery for your use case. Delta recovery is much faster than Full recovery.