Failed to start sync gateway service because of log path


I installed a new sync gateway service 1.5.1-4 on an windows 10.
The install location path is

C:\Couchbase\Sync Gateway

When I try to start the service, It fail because of the log location path doesn’t existe :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Couchbase\var\lib\couchbase\logs\sync_gateway_error.log

I can’t find where to tell the service to use another location.

I tried to add a logging section in my config json file, but it changed nothing.

	  logFilePath: "C:\Couchbase\Sync Gateway\logs",
	  logKeys: ["*"],
	  logLevel: "info"

I tried with this notation too :
logFilePath: "C:\CouchbaseSync Gateway\logs\sync_gateway.log
It didn’t work neither.

what am I missing ?



Not sure why it’s not working . Where does it log to wen you gave the abs path?. Did you try just specifying the relative path “logs” (A relative path is from the directory that contains the Sync Gateway executable file)