Faced "Collection Map Refresh Failed Event" warning

I am using Couchbase Server 6.0.0 community with Scala SDK 1.0.0. (Scala 2.12.8)
I noticed a com.couchbase.client.core.cnc.events.config.CollectionMapRefreshFailedEvent warning in my logs. I appreciate it if you let me know if this is an issue or not (I believe I did not see this warning in alpha versions of the scala client)

[INFO ] [2020-03-17 10:12:40,786] [cb-events] [com.couchbase.io] [com.couchbase.io][UnknownResponseStatusReceivedEvent] Received an unknown response status: 0x89 {"bucket":"MyBucket","coreId":1,"local":"/","remote":"/"}
[WARN ] [2020-03-17 10:12:40,786] [cb-events] [com.couchbase.config] [com.couchbase.config][CollectionMapRefreshFailedEvent][3705us] Collection Map refresh failed: NOT_SUPPORTED {"coreId":1}


Hey @ali.parsaei

Hmm, curious. Could you bump up to the latest scala-client (1.0.2) and see if it still happens?

If so - the warning should be harmless and ignorable - it’s the underlying core-io layer asking for a collections map from a version of the server that does not support collections (e.g. your 6.0). However, it’s a little ugly and we should definitely remove it. But I can’t seem to replicate against a 6.0 server here. Could you possibly send the smallest chunk of code that replicates?

Thanks for your response!
Currently I am not able to upgrade the client version due to a very busy schedule; however, I may give it a try later.
Regarding the reproduction code, I am not sure what part of my code causes the warning message. I will send you a message if I find out.

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