Export user from a cluster to another cluster (including password and roles)

Hi everyone,
I am learning about how to upgrade Couchbase 6.0 up to Couchbase 7.0
I use XDCR to replicate all buckets to standby cluster very well.
But I am confused about how to export user (and password as well) from current cluster to standby cluster?
In Oracle, we can use impdp/expdp to do it,
In Couchbase, is there any way to do it ?
Can you suggest me one ?

Hi chiton,

Did you get the solution for this problem? If you got it, kindly share with us.

Hi @Rajesh_Thirumala,

We never store passwords in any Couchbase cluster. Therefore, it is not possible to migrate the users along with their passwords and roles to another cluster.

We are currently working on a feature for our next release using which you will be able to import/export the users along with their roles.

Currently, you could list and create users and roles using the REST interface. But the users’ passwords will have to be manually set in the request.

You can also refer to the similar solution suggested here: Users backup and restore

Hi Nitish,

Is the feature implemented? I am in the process of migrating users/roles/passwords from CB6 to CB7 and as per above comments it was possible only to create users and roles but not passwords.

This is very critical for us and response on this would be appreciated. We have lots of users on CB6 and almost impossible to set each user password explicitly on CB7.


Hi @anil51138

The feature being developed will unfortunately not support migrating passwords over as they are not recoverable from the hashed version we have.

If you have support services, I would suggest reaching out to them. The other option is to raise this as a feature request via support & let the product team know this is something you need so that they can figure out a possible solution.