ExecuteStoreJson does not work well


We are using couchbase server 2.5.1 for keeping session data in last 10 minute.

It’s working whole members well but some of them did not work and we could not find the problem…

Let me explain;

var getResult = CBManager.CouchbaseManager.Instance.ExecuteStoreJson(StoreMode.Set, “session-158147”, “OK”, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10));

var getResult2 = CBManager.CouchbaseManager.Instance.ExecuteStoreJson(StoreMode.Set, “session-100000”, “OK”, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10));

Both of them returns “ok” message from getResult and getResult2.

But when we check the couchbase with document-id, we did not see any document related with session-100000. But session-158147 is okay.

Here is the couchbasemanager class;

public static class CouchbaseManager
private readonly static CouchbaseClient _instance;

        static CouchbaseManager()
            _instance = new CouchbaseClient(CreateConfiguration(",,,,,,,", "bucket", "password"));//production

How can we fix this ?

@blckhm -

Is this something you replicate over and over? Are you sure the key didn’t expire (10 mins)?

What version of the client are you using? Is it a memcached or couchbase bucket?


I did not understand, What you mean replicate over and over ? We run the couchbase in 8 virtual ubuntu nodes.

And, I’m sure that the key wont expire. We checked documents immediately after execution of ExecuteStoreJson command.

Our client version is “ Couchbase .NET Client Library”. And It is couchbase bucket.

Today, I also checked same function in my local computer (1 node), there was not any missing document. Everything looks fine.
But problem still continues on our distribution platform (8node cluster) also today.

@blckhm Is the time across the clients and the cluster nodes the same?


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@pvarley I’ve just checked the time and time zones of nodes and the problem was differential of time between nodes.

Thank you