Execute nested array return empty result android n1ql query

hi i would like to execute n1ql query within nested array but the result returned by the query is always empty despite the fact that there is some elements satisfaying the condition.
consider the json:
“parcours”: [
“dateArrete”: null,
“dateFinService”: null,
“datePriseService”: “15-6-2018”,
“fonction”: “CHEF DES TRAVAUX”,
“numeroArrete”: null,
“posteActuel”: true,
“structure”: “”,
“structureId”: -1,
“typeStructure”: null
“dateArrete”: null,
“dateFinService”: “”,
“datePriseService”: “”,
“fonction”: “”,
“numeroArrete”: null,
“posteActuel”: false,
“structure”: “”,
“structureId”: -1,
“typeStructure”: null
“personnel”: {
“LangueEnseignement”: “Francais”,
“address”: null,
“arrondissementOrigine”: “”,
“arrondissementOrigineConjoint”: “”,
“birthDate”: “15-5-2018”,
“dateIntegration”: “15-6-2018”,
“departementOrigine”: “NYONG ET KELLE”,
“departementOrigineConjoint”: “”,
“email”: null,
“etatSante”: null,
“firstName”: “duvduv”,
“fonctionConjoint”: “”,
“grade”: “PCEG”,
“indice”: null,
“langueEnseignement”: “Francais”,
“lastName”: null,
“matricule”: “d-012768”,
“nbEnfant”: 5,
“nbEnfantScolarise”: 0,
“nomConjoint”: “”,
“phoneNumber”: 679494639,
“picturePath”: null,
“placeBirth”: “bertoua”,
“regionOrigine”: “LT”,
“regionOrigineConjoint”: “”,
“secondPhoneNumber”: -1,
“sexe”: “M”,
“situationMatrimoniale”: “DIVORCE(E)”,
“specialite”: “DROIT”
“type”: “personnel”

I wrote the following android query:

VariableExpression varParcoursItem = ArrayExpression.variable(“parcoursItem”);
VariableExpression varParcoursItemStructureId = ArrayExpression.variable(“parcoursItem.structureId”);
Database database = DatabaseManager.getDatabase();

Query query = QueryBuilder

but the result returned is empty despite the fact that the previous json satifies condition. Please where is the mistake

I don’t see any obvious mistake. Do any warnings or errors show up in the logs from Couchbase? There is always the possibility of a bug in the query builder implementation as well.