Event streaming in couchbase 6.0.x Vs 6.5x

Hi All,

I am experimenting the evening service where pausing and resuming an event stream on couchbase 6.5.x is available but I don’t see in 6.0.x document. Can someone please confirm on that. Also want to know that how I can test it. I’m using enterprise version

Hi @Rohit_Singhal - great to hear you’re trying out 6.5.x eventing. Yes, the Pause/Resume feature is an addition in 6.5.0 and hence not available in 6.0.x.

You can test pause/resume in 6.5.0 and later by deploying a handler. Then you can pause the handler - via UI, couchbase-cli or Eventing REST API.

When a function is paused, it will not run any code contained in the handler, including timers. Once it is resumed, it will pick up where it was paused and process all pending document mutations and timers that may have come due when it was paused. (Note that if a given document is modified multiple times when it was paused, the handler may see only the final update to that document).

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Thanks Siri. It helped

Hi @Rohit_Singhal

I am curious why you are not running 6.6.0 every release adds more features and solves some edge cases that customers experience.

For the Eventing Service on 6.6.0 the key update is that the capabilities and usablility of Timers are vastly improved. (refer to https://blog.couchbase.com/eventing-improvements-timers-handlers-and-statistics/ )