Escape sequence for column names containing characters "(" and ")'

I am using .Net C# along with Couchbase for our project.
One of my Table column name contains characters “(” and ")’ in it. So I am unable to do summation operation on that , its always returning null, where as for other columns its working fine.
C# Code :
string query = “SELECT SUM(Amber rake(wo rollover)) As Amber rake (wo rollover),
Sum(Configs Settled) As Configs Settled
FROM _default

var queryResult = await inventoryScope.QueryAsync(query);

Output :
Amber rake(wo rollover) = null
Configs Settled = 10

You can escape bucket and attribute names with special characters using the backtick “`” character.

SELECT SUM(`Amber rake(wo rollover)`) As `Amber rake (wo rollover)`,
Sum(`Configs Settled`) As `Configs Settled`
FROM _default

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