Error while configuring email alert

I am not able to configure email alerts from couchbase console. I am getting an error pop up message stating :
“An error occurred during sending test email.”
Couchbase version is 5.0.1.
Got this below error details from log:
“Could not send email: {error,retries_exceeded, {network_failure,“localhost”,{error,econnrefused}}}. Make sure that your email settings are correct.”
Please suggest what I need to do to resolve the issue.

Can anyone update on the same as I am stuck at the same point with the same error message.

I am getting the below error while sending test mail.


Please suggest what needs to be done.

Does all the nodes in your cluster have access to the email server? (firewall, etc.)

I am trying from local couchbase console host ( What do you mean by access to email server? I have authenticated SMTP server,host,port,username and password. Shall i need any access from particular node to configure email alert?