Error while configuring email alert

I am not able to configure email alerts from couchbase console. I am getting an error pop up message stating :
“An error occurred during sending test email.”
Couchbase version is 5.0.1.
Got this below error details from log:
“Could not send email: {error,retries_exceeded, {network_failure,“localhost”,{error,econnrefused}}}. Make sure that your email settings are correct.”
Please suggest what I need to do to resolve the issue.

Can anyone update on the same as I am stuck at the same point with the same error message.

I am getting the below error while sending test mail.


Please suggest what needs to be done.

Does all the nodes in your cluster have access to the email server? (firewall, etc.)

I am trying from local couchbase console host ( What do you mean by access to email server? I have authenticated SMTP server,host,port,username and password. Shall i need any access from particular node to configure email alert?

dear team, i’m also facing same issue in current organisation. not sure what will be the reason.
we have SMTP server , other messages are sending shell script alerts from same couchbase nodes. but it is not picking and sending the mail. and it is not giving not more in error log.
Could not send email: {error,retries_exceeded,
{error,nxdomain}}}. Make sure that your email settings are correct.


do we require to add any packages like mailx sendmail like that ?

“Could not send email: {error,retries_exceeded, {network_failure,“localhost”,{error,econnrefused}}}.

this message indicates that the configured mail server is on ‘localhost’, but when it tries to contact that mail server (from the node), there is nothing listening on the mail port. Contact your mail administrator for the configuration for your mail server.

What do you mean by access to email server?

The mail is sent from the node(s) to an email server. If the node sending the mail cannot reach the email server (perhaps because of firewall rules, or networking, or simply because there is no email server running at the configure host/port) then the mail cannot be sent.

yeah , you are correct. that image version does not contain mail packages looks like. and it is working in next version image. i suspecting older version have some missing packages. thank you for your time…