Error when trying to do operations on remote DB using PHP SDK

Here’s the error I get:

[cb,WARN] (htconfig L:130 I:-1939786194) <*my_ip*:8091> (CTX=0x7ffff566b0f0,bc_http) Got 404 on config stream. Assuming terse URI not supported on cluster
[cb,EROR] (htconfig L:122 I:-1939786194) <*my_ip*:8091> (CTX=0x7ffff566b0f0,bc_http) Got 404 on config stream. Assuming bucket does not exist as we've tried both URL types
[cb,EROR] (htconfig L:142 I:-1939786194) <*my_ip*:8091> (CTX=0x7ffff566b0f0,bc_http) Got non-success HTTP status code 404
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Any idea why it does that? The doc is not helpful…
Thanks in advance.

It would be helpful if you would specify php client, libcouchbase and server versions, describe your setup and tell more about your use case. Your log says there was a coredump, could you show the details of it?

PHP client is 2.4.6 (stable), API Version 2.3.0 (stable)
Server is 5.0.0-3519 community and libcouchbase is 2.8.7-1 16.04/xenial
The machine is on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Could you also describe how did you configured your cluster? and provide stacktrace from the coredump?

Any idea where the core dump is usually located?