Error unmarshaling doc

I got this in sync gateway:
2017-04-20T15:55:59.895+07:00 WARNING: changeCache: Error unmarshaling doc “todo.Sparrow”: – db.(*changeCache).DocChanged.func1() at change_cache.go:327
when create document in Couchbase Server.

I want to sync(Pull) document from Couchbase Server to Couchbase Lite(Mobile)

you should not create document in Couchbase Server directly, you should create document by Sync Gateway REST API.

Yeah that’s correct. The only way to use the Couchbase SDK in conjunction with Sync Gateway is to setup Bucket Shadowing, which is planned to be deprecated one day. As atom_yang mentioned, try using the Sync Gateway REST API.

Thank you for reply @atom_yang & @traun .
I will try the Sync Gateway REST API.