Error Starting Replicator

I have an issue occurring on one of clients devices, starting a replicator fails with error code 10426 : Upgrade Required. What is this upgrade referring to, this isn’t an issue on any other devices running the same app.

System: Android
Version: Couchbase lite 3.1.0
Device: Zebra TC57
Android version 8.1.0
Sync Gateway Version: Couchbase Sync Gateway/3.0.4(13;fe16b93) EE

Any assistance would be much appreciated

I do not have any debug logs from the device, this is the first time I have seen this and it seems specific to the clients device

With out some kind of clue about what went wrong, we are going to be as much in the dark as you are. We need some kind of stack trace in order to figure this out.

Oddly, that message appears to come from CivetWeb, a package that we stopped using in v3.0.

Let me see if I can’t get someone from the Core team to opine.

That error might mean that the “Upgrade” header is missing in the initial HTTP request. This can often happen if there is something sitting in the middle of Lite and Sync Gateway (proxy…load balancer) that is stripping headers. Without hearing anything about the environment that would be a guess I have.

@borrrden @blake.meike
Thank you so much for the assistance, it gives me somewhere to start. I will have to engage with the clients IT department on this.