Error message when trying to add new user through sync gateway

OS: windows 7, sync_gateway: 1.3.1-16, couchbase server: 4.5

$ curl -X PUT http://hostname:4985/pm/_user/myuser --data ‘{“email”:“”, “name”:“myuser”, “password”:“password”, “admin_channels”:[“myuser”, “public”]}’

{“error”:“Internal Server Error”,“reason”:“Internal error: error executing view req at“myuser”\u0026stale=false: 500 Internal Server Error - {“error”:“dcp_died”,“reason”:”{function_clause,\n [{couch_dcp_consumer,parse_header,\n [\u003c\u003c\“VER DAM \\\\\\\”,\\\\\\\“job_number\\\\\”\u003e\u003e],\n [{file,\n \“c:/Jenkins/workspace/sherlock-windows/couchbase/couchdb/src/couch_dcp/src/couch_dcp_consumer.erl\”},\n {line,43}]},\n {couch_dcp_client,receive_worker,4,\n [{file,\n \“c:/Jenkins/workspace/sherlock-windows/couchbase/couchdb/src/couch_dcp/src/couch_dcp_client.erl\”},\n {line,1185}]}]}""}

This is an internal error in Couchbase Server; looks like it has to do with DCP (Database Change Protocol) handling in the map/reduce engine. You may want to file a bug report, or report this in a Couchbase Server specific topic.

Also it looks like you are using the couchbase server port to access a sync gateway endpoint.

I don’t think so … it’s the usual port 4985.

In couchbase server console, it keeps building pm/_design/sync_gateway view, stopped at less than 5% and then restart to build.

From Couchbase server console, I clicked to show one of the sync gateway view (channel), and got messages:

dcp_died ({function_clause, [{couch_dcp_consumer,parse_header, [<<“VER DAM \”,\“job_number\”>>], [{file, “c:/Jenkins/workspace/watson-windows/couchbase/couchdb/src/couch_dcp/src/couch_dcp_consumer.erl”}, {line,43}]}, {couch_dcp_client,receive_worker,4, [{file, “c:/Jenkins/workspace/watson-windows/couchbase/couchdb/src/couch_dcp/src/couch_dcp_client.erl”}, {line,1185}]}]})

Oh, you’re right. I got caught in the bottom half only and didn’t notice the first part. Ignore my comment.