Error after updating libcouchbase from 2.2 to 2.3

Also it seems like 2.2 was removed from ubuntu repo… So newly created servers not working…

After updating design_docs query shows error:

Couchbase.connect("http://localhost:8091/").design_docs Couchbase::Error::Invalid: failed to schedule document request (key="/pools/default/buckets/default/ddocs", error=0x07)

2.2 works good.

Using ubuntu 12.04 and your official repo.

Installed: (none)
Candidate: 2.3.0
Version table:
2.3.0 0
500 precise/precise/main amd64 Packages

2.2 wasn’t removed from the repo, but the way things are listed is a bit difficult. Sorry about that. In general, they’re like this:

where there’s:

All are 2.2.0-2453.

By the way, that’s a fundamental limitation of APT repositories.


I just usually would do smth like:

apt-get install package=VERSION

and for libcouchbase it not works.

So, just to clarify, it still means that couchbase-ruby library have bug and do not work with latest libcouchbase, right?

The bug in libcouchbase

To workaround, you might disable CCCP for now, can be done with setting LCB_NO_CCCP=1 environment variable

This should be resolved in the newly released libcouchbase 2.3.1