Error 410 - norev for doc

Can anyone please explain what this error means MSG#12~: norev for doc "49b75121-e123-46ff-aad4-5bda59fe2205" / "3-4030e6382a3f52812563908181e55a681022428c" - error: "410" - reason: ""?

Please ignore the id and revision id.

PS I’m new to Couchbase and SyncGateway.

If we are going to have half a chance of helping you, we will need a little more information. How did you manage to get this error? Revision ids are, usually, not something with which client code interacts…

Thanks for the response @blake.meike, I was able to resolve the issue. I would kindly ask that this question be deleted.

@toonday Personally, I would prefer that you posted your solution here, so that anyone in the future who has the same problem can get help.


HI, I have this error too … what was the solution?

@toonday I am getting this error and am interested in finding the solution. How did you resolve it?