Error 1053 During Load Testing 6.5.1

I’m using Couchbase with a REST API and I keep running into the same error during load testing:

LCB_ERR_HTTP (1053): HTTP Operation failed. Inspect status code for details

I’m running a 5 node cluster on version 6.5.1.
I’m using the couchbase Node.js client version 3.0.6.
My data uses about 10 GB of disk space. The index data size is roughly 5000 MB.

Does that error code indicate a specific issue? Perhaps with queries?

Also, where can I “Inspect status code for details?” I have yet to find a list in the documentation.

@liz for C client library has this same error message, showing as fixed in 3.1.0. Caused by querying an unknown scope or collection. for Node.js has the same error message, though it shows as fixed in 3.0.1. Caused by a bug in handling named parameters.

Thanks @Kevin.Cherkauer. I don’t think either of those issues would explain what I’m seeing. The error only seems to trigger when we reach a high number of queries per second.

Is there a way to trigger some more detailed logging from the cluster?

Error codes are covered in the API reference for libcouchbase, though that gets into the details of how the error context is handled.

Node 3.0.6 is quite old. My guess that may be hiding some of the details. Any chance you can run that with a more recent version?

The other two things to look at, assuming you’re running queries, is the “completed requests” (see docs) and turning on more logging on the Query service.

@liz You can enable more logging for both Query and Index services in the UI Settings screen:

  • Advanced Query Setttings / Log Level – messages go to query.log
  • Advanced Index Settings / Indexer Log Level – messages go to indexer.log