Erl.exe consuming over 50% cpu on empty single node cluster with no traffic after starting windows from hibernation

I’ve noticed a couple of times recently that when I restart my laptop from hibernation the couchbase erl.exe process is taking up 50% cpu constantly in task manager, despite having no active traffic.
I’m running a very basic couchbase setup - single node cluster, no replication, one couchbase bucket capped at 256mb ram and only 25mb used. (the laptop is running win7 64bit, 4GB ram, intel i5 processor).
If I kill the process and restart couchbase it seems to go back to normal.
There’s no obvious errors in the log in the admin console. I do get an error if I try and generate a diagnostic report though:

Server error during processing: ["web request failed", {path,"/diag"}, {type,exit}, {what, {normal, {gen_server,call, [rb_server,show,infinity]}}}, {trace, [{gen_server,call,3}, {ns_log_browser,get_logs_as_file,3}, {diag_handler,get_logs,0}, {diag_handler,handle_logs,1}, {menelaus_web,loop,3}, {mochiweb_http,headers,5}, {proc_lib,init_p_do_apply,3}]}]

I’m running Couchbase version 1.8.0 community edition (build-55).
Any ideas?


There is an open issue about this. You may want to add yourself as a watcher and/or vote: