Embarrassingly dumb question - can't get sync going on .Net 6 or 7

One last question… because this is a roadblock for anyone on Ventura.

I hate to ask, because I understand that commenting on timelines and release schedules is probably verboten, but will this be waiting for 3.1? I believe from other comments that 3.1 might be out sometime 1H (or perhaps mid year, or perhaps later) or will there be an intermediate patch sooner (3.0.9)?


Most of us who answer questions here are not able to answer a question about timing and features. I can say that that bug is severity Critical and is filed against the 3.1 release. Cannot promise anything but will do what we can.

FYI a fix has been merged (I had someone on Ventura test it) into the 3.1 release line

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Ok… I finally understand what is actually going on. This note is for my own sanity and can be ignored - its me expressing my inner OCD. I couldn’t figure out why MacProxy worked for anyone.

The check-in on 14th Feb 2023 fixed the paths for Ventura, but also introduced the bug of incorrect method name, but that patch was too late to be included in the current 3.0.8 libraries which were released “a month ago” according to nuget, or “Feb 2023” according to the release notes.

That is why 3.0.8 works for Montery - it doesn’t include the MacProxy name issue or path fix.

So, if you are on Ventura, the 3.0.8 macproxy has the path bug.
If you are on Montery, 3.0.8 macproxy will work as the path is fine.

As a test, I loaded up a Montery VM with VSMac, and that new MacProxy (post 3.0.8) sample code I sent definitely fails. The world makes sense again :slight_smile: