ElasticSearch XDCR

Question on the replication with ElasticSearch.
Does it only replicate one way. Or data is synchronized.
IE when i delete stuff in couchbase it gets deleted automatically in ElasticSearch?
for some reason i was able to retrieve stale data in ElasticSearch that i deleted in Couchbase.


Hey @davido could you please help here and advise? Thanks

@andrewvmail as far as I know, since the data is replicated over XDCR, it is eventually consistent. Which means that there is a delay between a deletion (or any mutation) on the couchbase cluster and the time it takes to go over the network to ES, be applied and then reflected in the next query.

@andrewvmail As Michael said, the replication to ES works the same as it does between any two Couchbase clusters - all changes on the source eventually get sent to the target. If ElasticSearch isn’t overloaded, then changes should get synchronized fairly fast (seconds, not minutes).

Could you describe your specific case in more detail? How stale, were there any errors in the ES log, which plugin and ES version, etc.

Hi @davido
I have a scenario in which i want some of the attributes of the document only and not all the attributes (Say for example only 5 attributes out of 20 attributes of the document), is it better to keep at least those attributes in ES instead of making one more call to Couchbase or should i always make the call to Couchbase and get the document by id and then filter out the required attributes.