Dumping/Logging Jsons in Couchbase

I want to use couchbase server just for dumping data for auditing.
Each document is almost 130Kb.

  1. Using java SDK how can we improve the performance. Is there a way to skip index update?
  2. Also, is there a way to get autogenerated keys for the documents?
  3. Or do we have any api where we can insert the document and generate the key while inserting with predefined element values in the documents.

Example : a document with following data {name : sam , surname : jose, details : { pass : qwerty, id : 111}} can we get an generated key while inserting like name:details.id i.e. sam:111

Hey @eragon

  1. I’m not sure I understand. Indexing happens automatically. If you want to skip updating the index then it sounds like that index isn’t needed? Note that indexing is asynchronous, e.g. after you write a doc it’s written to the index later on, rather than the write blocking until the index is updated.
  2. No there’s no way of doing autogenerated keys, as this would require synchronous communication between the Couchbase nodes which would slow you down. You can always use UUIDs though.
  3. No but it seems trivial to do this in your code?