Dump the record that meet the condition

Hi, I just started using couchbase. I have a couple of questions, and I would appreciate if you share your thoughts.

The problem that I try to solve is that I want to read all the documents and want to dump the records that meet the condition that I set. For example, I want to dump all the records whose update flag is ‘false’. I can use N1QL or View, but these features allow you to dump the data sequentially like Oracle cursor. So, if you have lots of data like TBs, I don’t think that this would work.

What is the scalable solution for data extract?

Hi, Couchbase has several connectors to the BigData world. You should look into our Kafka connector: http://blog.couchbase.com/2015/november/kafka-and-couchbase-up-and-running-in-10-minutes
We also have connectors to Hadoop, Spark and others…

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But I needed to dump the data that meet certain condition. I played with the view and bulk get. I got the performance that I wanted. Thanks.