Dump key in version 2.2


I’ve been trying to dump key of my staging env, using an example at GitHub :

-https://github.com/couchtim/couchbase-stuff/blob/master/dump-keys-sqlite3.sh -

Unfortunatelly, this doesn’t work .

Executes from : “/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data/” , the staging folder is inside this root.

Executing command : sudo bash keysShell.sh -a Staging >keys.txt.

Error :

Error: unable to open database “Staging”: unable to open database file
FATAL ERROR: sqlite3 error reading active vbuckets for Staging: 1.

I’ve also tried to work with .Net SDK, but my CouchBase version is 2.2 , and .net SDK works only from version 2.5.

Any suggestion on how to dump keys from my servers?



SQLite was only used at the backend for Couchbase 1.x; In 2 upwards it uses Couchstore.

Look at the /opt/couchbase/bin/couch_dbdump tool - this allows you to dump various parts of each VBucket file.

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