Drop index does nothing though cbq and interface

We have upgraded to 4.5 enterprise (from 4.0), all the old indexes were imported, and would like to drop them and recreate them.
We can neither create nor delete the old ones, all of them are in a deferred state, and DROP and CREATE just times out
BUILD also does nothing
system:active requests has the drop until the timeout so i guess it is not actively doing it

cbq> drop index zipt.userSearch USING GSI;
“requestID”: “06bccd1f-8cb8-4f79-a20e-4fb9c389e8ef”,
“signature”: null,
“results”: [
“errors”: [
“code”: 5000,
“msg”: “GSI Drop() - cause: Request timed out. Index server may still be processing this request. Please check the status after sometime or retry.”
“status”: “errors”,
“metrics”: {
“elapsedTime”: “2m0.976325521s”,
“executionTime”: “2m0.976257339s”,
“resultCount”: 0,
“resultSize”: 0,
“errorCount”: 1

We have a cluster with 4 nodes, 2 data, an index and a query node, with about 16 million records in the bucket we are indexing

What are we doing wrong?
Do you have ideas what we can do to remove or create new indexes?
As of now we cannot do anything with n1ql because of this :confused:

Views work perfectly normal

could you include your indexer.log pls?

indexer.log.zip (487.5 KB)

We still cannot make any indexes, please advise

I get a 404 not found on this one. Could you check permissions or attach to an email to cihan@couchbase.com?

Hmmm, I’ve uploaded it through the interface.
We’ve managed to solve the problem in the meantime
It seems there’s a problem when index log level is set to trace, which we have set before when something else wasn’t working as expected

As soon as we set log level to info everything started working