Downgrade from EE to CE

Hi everyone,

We have been using the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase for 2 nodes in production for 2 days, but our structure has grown larger and unfortunately we can’t pay for the license for the enterprise version at the moment.

What is the best way to downgrade to version community? Can we remove a server, downgrade to community and add again to the cluster and do this with all the servers?

Thank you.

Almost forgot. We are using right now 3.0.3 EE and we need to move to 3.0.1 CE. There is a problem with this too?

Hi, It is not recommended that you rollback your version and in this case going from 3.0.3 EE to 3.0.1 CE. You can establish XDCR from 3.0.3 EE to another cluster that is running 3.0.1 CE and once you are caught up you can switch traffic over.
You could do a rolling CE conversion but that assumes you are on 3.0.1 EE and going to 3.0.1 CE.