Doubt on "Collect Logs & Diagnostic Information"

done with collecting logs (parcially) "Logs were successfully collected to the following paths:

got location of 2 zip file
one is : this file has 52 files
anthoe is : this has 53 files and extra one named as “users.dets”

now i want to know is that the only difference between those redaction and unredaction file ??
if that is the only diffrence ,how can i open that “users.dets” ?

The concepts behind log redaction are in the documentation. That should help you understand what is happening here.


this is the documentation
now show where it is…?

please stop saying refer documentation , we raise question here coz we wont get proper clue in documentation …

tq :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

hey @boby,

I pointed to the specific section on what log redaction is, what is redacted, what is the difference in the logging. That’s what I thought you were asking about when saying…

Maybe you can rephrase the question so and my colleagues understand what you’re asking for? It is not clear to me. What is it you were looking for in the docs that you don’t see?

With regard to the “users.dets” file, I believe that’s an Erlang dets file, which the cluster manager uses. Typically it’s something someone at Couchbase would open, but since it’s all Open Source you can certainly look into how DETS works in the official Erlang docs.

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. now its bit clear