Does spymemcached has failfast mechanism?

I am evaluating spymemcached for our application. Does spymemcached offer failfast mechanism in case of continuous time out? Currently if memcache server goes down we get time out on future which by default waits for 2.5 seconds and then it times out. Is there any configuration or any mechanism by which if there are continuous time out then for some requests client straight away rejects the incoming request instead of waiting for default timeout?

spymemcached is pretty ancient now - while the Java SDK was initially based on it I believe it’s now a completely different implementation. @daschl can probably confirm / deny.

May I ask why you’re looking at using spymemcached and not the Couchbase Java SDK?

Correct, while we technically maintain/own the spymemcached library there has not been much activity around it and certainly we do not provide support for it (we used it in the 1.x series which has long been EOL’ed).

As @drigby recommends, please use the Java SDK directly which also works with memcached buckets and is tested and supported.

Thanks @daschl @drigby for reply. On Google I can’t find people suggesting Couchbase Java SDK, instead suggestion is for using spymemcached. Also, is the SDK paid. If yes what is the pricing model for SDK ?

What is the difference between couchbase-client and couchbase-java-client. Also, is java SDK different from these? I didn’t get any documentation to use memcached with couch-java-client. Please provide some pointers.