Does couchbase full text search supports for “in” operator

Do couchbase supports for “in”operator

We can have 20k+ ids what we are matching via filter so
I’m getting the error max clause support is 1024

I’m using term query with disjunction array

Disjuncts: [
{ term: “”, field:”id” }

if you need to match all the documents for the field “id” then the regexp * should be used
{ query: “*”, field:”id” }

you can increase the value of max clause count by using

curl -XPUT -H "Content-type:application/json" \
-u Administrator:asdasd  http://localhost:8094/api/managerOptions \
-d '{"bleveMaxClauseCount": "30000"}'

fyi, if your purpose is to scope the search to a specific set of documents or so, I believe docIDQuery could be useful over here. however that needs the set of documents to be know beforehand.

this is fts specific way of doing it, however i’m guessing there could be a better way to do it using SQL++ using GSI indexes.

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