Does CentOS Stream 8 support Couchbase Server 7.1(community edition)


I went through the Supported Operating Systems for Couchbase server 7.1(Supported Platforms | Couchbase Docs) but I can’t see the support of CentOS Stream 8 OS

As I understood CentOS Stream 8 is the upstream for the next minor release of RHEL 8.x, and Couchbase server 7.1 supports the RHEL 8.x so can we say it supports the CentOS Stream 8 as well.

Could you please confirm, Does Couchbase Server 7.1(community edition) support the CentOS Stream 8 ?


Hi @hgbalar - here at Couchbase we take a very strict definition of the word “support” and only apply it when we have sufficient internal experience and QA to be able to support our enterprise customers. This allows us to provide certain guarantees around deployment guidance and bug fixes for production issues.

I will defer to others (@ianmccloy ?) to comment on if and when we plan to offer this level of “support” for CentOS Stream 8, but for your own purposes, if you are comfortable that the Community Edition works well enough on CentOS Stream 8 then that should be sufficient for you to move forward with it.

CentOS stream, despite the name, is quite different to CentOS. CentOS was a rebranded version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux downstream, after it was fully certified, stable and tested by Red Hat. CentOS Stream on the other hand is upstream, taking on experimental changes and is a testing environment more like Fedora. CentOS stream also is a continuous-delivery distribution, it doesn’t have point releases like 9.1, 9.2 etc, it is continuously updated, which makes testing and certifying for a point in time very challenging for Couchbase. It’s very likely that Couchbase Server will work on CentOS Stream but we don’t consider CentOS Stream to be a production OS and we’re not planning to provide official support for it.

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