Document update locks up app after upgrading to CB Lite

I have a Xamarin iOS mobile app that was using CouchbaseLite version that was working fine.

After I upgraded to version, anytime I make a document update, the app would lock up. Was there a change to the API that I am not aware of? I don’t see any crash or exceptions thrown.

This is how I create a new document with new properties:
_database.CreateDocument ().PutProperties ();

This is how I update an existing document:

The API has not changed. We will not change our API in a breaking way until we make a major version number change. What are the circumstances under which this occurs? Do you have a small test case that reproduces the issue? If so, you can file an issue over at the couchbase-lite-net repo.

Can you stop the app in the debugger when it locks up and get a backtrace of the thread(s)? That would be the best way to investigate what’s going wrong.