Document modeling, document type versioning tool?


I’m posting this question in this forum (didn’t find a specialized forum on document modeling for couchbase).
Could you advice me on some tool for document modeling that includes document versioning?
By document versioning I mean the following: having a history of all changes made to the document structure.
Your help will be appreciated.

PS. Coming from the RDBMS world, the 100% freedom in document structure and the absence of minimal data validation, scares me a bit. :slight_smile:


About the Document Modeling you can look in the developer guide:

About document versioning it is something that you need to implement in your application, I have documented one approach here:


Thanks for your prompt answer.
I will clarify my question.
I was thinking of managing my document structure changes with a source control repository.
With java I saw this example for integrating view changes with a source control repository:
Chapter: Loading Views Programatically
I suppose in case of java, if java pojo’s are always used for reading/writing the json document structure, I could package those pojo’s together for easier management with a source control repository.